Bhubaneswar: an American’s perspective

11/30/2015 16:18

In the west, the idea of traveling when your mind is wandering is a very acceptable thing. The very famous ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ depicts the gorgeous Julia starting for East seeking enlightenment. She lands up in Varanasi, India too. However, there are planned visits by foreigners to this beautiful land. The heart rendering beauty of Indian peninsula lures loads of them.

When Jacqueline arrived in India, no one could miss the point that this fair lady with curly hairs was here as a traveler with both her body and soul pretty much aware what exactly she was looking for. The lone traveler had done her homework right and knew where exactly she was headed. After finishing the southern Indian part, she explored Kolkata and just loved the Dakshin Kali temple. The sea beach Puri was her next destination. She being a realtor in San Francisco she had done her research. She was totally aware of the geographies of the place. Unlike some not so bright Indians, she has learned most of the fact about Odisha and its capital, Bhubaneswar. Blown out by the state with a history of 3000 years, she landed in the largest city of Odisha via the Air India flight. She totally loved the commercial and heritage center. Instead of directly heading for Puri she changed her mind to spend a couple of days in Bhubaneswar.

She absolutely loved the job she was doing, not just because she was earning big commissions, but as she was passionate about the realty sector beyond the financial gains. It was obvious she was curious to understand the real estate of this place too. Enquiring in the reception of the hotel Ginger, she was introduced to a person named Shiva who was a realty agent. He briefed her about the sector. On her way to the Nandankanan Zoological Park, she had a glimpse at the flats for sale in Bhubaneswar. The real estate projects by the Z estate, SJ developers etc were impressive. The various amenities and features which he described confirmed the fact that one can look forward to a comfortable living by residing in those apartments. He also mentioned about the ready to move duplex Bhubaneswar craze. She totally understood and appreciated the idea as she realised what, having a little more personalized space could add to one's existence.

Totally happy with her extended stay she was headed for the very famous Puri. After visiting the temple and in total awe with its architecture she tried the mahaprasad. She was amazed to know about the unique process in which it (Prasad) was prepared. After enjoying the beach for some time, she had plans to visit Sun temple and not to forget the much-appreciated joint by the visitors, Pipli. She shopped some impressive products from the famed art spot. She totally loved the entire experience and planned to pen down the same before she could catch some sleep as she was sure she wished to relive these precious moments later sometime soon.


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