Smart City Bhubaneswar’s Allure

02/17/2016 11:23

While Sudikhsha was browsing through the internet the obvious allure was to login to facebook. She being an amiable personality her friend list was a versatile;one with loads of friends from all age group. Consequently, the nature of her FB news feed was interesting as well, may be tagged as comprehensive. What grasped her attention today was the glitzy yet appealing post which shared the following information, ‘Bhubaneswar bags first position in the first round of Smart city mission.’ Hailing from the temple city it was indeed a moment of great pride for her. She immediately shared the post. Instantly it was flooded with numerous ‘likes’ streaming from all corners. This sparked a conversation between all the friends who were basically from Bhubaneswar and a few from Cuttack and Rourkela too.

Rakesh one of her school classmate and a close friend started a chat with her. As he always knew Sudhiksha was quite proud of her native land, he checked if she had any plans of returning back to her hometown, was the beckoning there? Very clear about her thoughts she replied in the affirmative. Rakesh was happy to hear that. He suggested her to buy a property in the city, which is indeed going to be become ‘Smart’ in the true sense of the term.

Always appreciative of her smartness, he commented may be the city is getting ready for the smart lass. He informed her that he had bought a ready to move property in Bhubaneswar and was totally loving the experience. Not only is staying experience wonderful but also was the entire buying experience. Most of the information seeking and hassles were addressed digitally. He was happy to come across a wide range of resale properties in Bhubaneswar and gladly shared the links of the information to her.

After a patient hearing Sudhiksha reverted with a coolly. She was not in such a hurry. She was quite well settled in the Silicon City, Bengaluru and was quite contented in the cosmopolitan environment. However, her longing for the city was equally present. With both sides of the family residing in the city and the influx of new IT opportunities along with the consolidated position of the existing player was tempting.

However, having reached the upper end of the corporate ladder, she shall have to wait for the right opportunity for such a move. Rakesh agreed and informed her that whenever she feels that she might kick-start her journey in the nation’s most upcoming smart city, all she needed to do was, inform him and he would stuff her up with all the required information and help whenever required. Thus in the hope of a homecoming,soon the chat ended.


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